Looking for a P.Eng to team with me

I am expanding my commercial inspection business and require a P.Eng for upcoming work.
If you have a stamp and wish to improve your income please contact me very quickly as I have upcoming work to quote on.

Allan Spisak
ACISS Home & Commercial Inspection Consultants

Talk to David Hellyer

Are you talking mechanical or electrical?

My experience with David Hellyer would put on the bottom of my list ,
Please be careful.

Thank you but I have found someone and if it doesn’t work out I will send out another request.
FYI for some commercial reports the banks will only accept a report stamped by a P.Eng. anyone elect, mech, civil, etc.


Great thanks for the post…

I’ve worked with a local architect on several larger projects. So as a backup plan you may want to consider a local architect in your area.