Looking for a specific PA inspector

i was talking sometime ago to an inspector in the pa area about doing a ride along, i cannot seem to locate said person and figured maybe someone on here would know… he was from sherlock home inspections?

if anyone can help i would be thankful


Google the name, state and you will have an instant answer .


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i thought he was from sherlock holmes inspections but when i did a search the only sherlock holmes i came up with was located down south and have nothing to do with any chapters in PA…


I think you are looking for Joe Michalski of Sherlock Homes Inspections. His website is www.sherlockhi.com . From what I know, he let his InterNACHI membership lapse, so you aren’t going to find him in the member listings unless he renewed in the last couple of days.

Thats too bad Look forward to the day he decides to come back home . …Cookie

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I’m sure Scott is right on. his contact info is on his site.