Looking for a work veichle

hi all, i was just seeing if anyone in the area of philadelphia pa was selling or know of a person selling a truck of sorts, i would like to have something like an explorer but a extended cab s-10 would be sufficient…

thanks all


how much were you looking to spend and how far away are you willing to travel?
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Hey Dave,
Does this have anything to do with that moisture issue without use of IR you mentioned yesterday???

You’re a great mind reader, Linus.

I’m a specialist at locating specific moisture issues.


It seems like you are very entusiatic about getting into the home inspection business. However, I just wanted to give you a bit of advice. Being in Philadelphia, there are a lot of hoops you have to jump through before you can start doing inspections. I saw your post about looking for a new laptop and now you are looking for an inspection vehicle.

My advice would be to worry about:

  1. Passing your InterNACHI exam
  2. Passing all the other courses for InterNACHI
  3. Join InterNACHI
  4. Get insurance
  5. Set up your busines with the State of PA
  6. Work towards getting your Philadelphia license
  7. Get a website
  8. Advertise your tail end off
  9. Network with other inspectors and rel estate professionals
  10. Advertise some more

Seems to me that you are trying to put the cart before the horse. Business start up is going to cost you a huge bundle. Personally the best advise I can give you would be to use the computer that you have now to write your inspection reports. Don’t be so egar to offer on-site reports while you are new. Take your time to write them up and go over them several times before you give them to a client. This will help keep your butt out of court because a client wants to sue you because you missed something or didn’t write it up correctly. As for the truck, use your everyday car for the time being. If you get in a position where you need a bigger vehicle to haul a ladder or something, rent a truck for the day. There is no sence making a payment on a new vehicle if you aren’t bringing in the money to cover it.

Look at what you already have and decide if it will do for now and build off of that. There is a reason why parents give their kids an old clunker of a car as soon as their kid gets their license. It’s because they know that they are probably going to bang it up, beat it up, and possible crash it up. No one in their right mind would give a new driver the keys to a Porche.

Work on the basics and learn to walk before you decide to run.

Good post Scott.


Well Adam, the dittos have it


Good advice Scott…


Absolute truth with that post Scott. One needs to learn how to walk before buying $1000.00 running shoes.

Take care of the needs first, then look at the wants and the upgrades as the business warrants.