Looking For: Accountant and Lawyer in Northern Illinois

Hello All and Thanks in advance!

I’m a new home inspector located in the Grayslake, IL area. I want to find an Accountant and a Lawyer to help me setup my new HI business, I believe an S-Corp. But, I want the professionals I work with to have experience in the Home Inspection industry. If your happy with your team and they are willing to add a new client to their business could you please get me their information. Thanks again. I don’t know if it is appropriate to include email or phone information in this area so, that info would be helpful as well.

Not sure how to take this. This post has had over 1,100 views but no replies. I’m aware that many viewers were probably not from Illinois but some must have been. Does it mean no one likes their lawyers and accountants or that their’s aren’t taking on new clients. lol

So I guess my next questions would be, what would be some key questions when interviewing potential accountants and lawyers to be assured they are right for my business? Has anyone ever fired their accountant or lawyer and why did you feel it was necessary to do so? Finally, are you your accountant or lawyer’s only client that is in this industry?

Am I just being paranoid in wanting to have my professionals having Home Inspection experience?



Go out this morning and look for an open house , if no one is going in . go in talk to the agent many will tell her your story and ask if she/he has any advice on what you should do .
This might get you an agent who can offer you many ideas , Good luck please keep us posted on how things are doing . All the best Roy

Thanks Roy!

Some good advice. I am also a member of the Lake County Property Investors Association and we meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month and there are several Realtors that attend that as well. Once I started the Home Inspection class, I started telling them what I was doing. They are just waiting for me to tell them I’m ready. I don’t want to start until I have the business protections in place.

I have done a search for lawyers and accountants. One of my initial questions is do they currently have any Home Inspectors as current clients and I haven’t gotten a positive confirmation to that question yet.

Thanks again and I will keep you posted.



I just read your other link. Very nice testimonial from that other new Home Inspector! Giving of ones self to those in need speaks volumes to ones character.

Being that this thread is viewable to the public (without signing in to message board) I’d assume over a 1,000 of the “veiwers” are Not members of InterNachi. Most of the views are most likely lawyers, accountants, and other online vendors/marketers.

And I’m 300 miles from you so I can’t be of any help.

I think it is great that others can see just how hard it is to become a home inspector .
Past posts have said about 90 % of new inspectors do not last 3 years .

Thanks Christopher! Is there a members only Forum that I might do better at posting to? Several seem to be so specific about what gets posted where and I don’t want to offend.