Looking for advice for training for national exam on a mobile device

Hi everyone. First time poster. Just finished my KY prelicensing. The class was textbook only. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can use on a mobile device to prepare for the national exam. Thanks for the help. -Wes

Welcome to the forum!

The pat answer (which you will get to many such questions) is “whichever works best for you”.

It depends a lot on whether the content will be resident on the device or in the cloud. In the first instance, if the format is PDF, I have found it easier to use an Android device than an IOS (Apple) device, but that might just be me. You can read PDF’s on an IOS device, but you have to do it their way, which can be a bit convoluted in my opinion.

If the content is in the cloud, you will need one with cellular access to the provider of your choice (Verizon, ATT, T-mobile, etc.) and a data plan with that carrier. You should have no trouble finding one in Android or IOS.

I would not go smaller than a 7" screen. Any less and you may as well just use your smartphone.

You may want to consider whether you will use your tablet for conducting inspections. Most of the better inspection software solutions have a tablet app for this purpose. If so, I would suggest you find one that has a built-in flash. I overlooked the need for this when I bought mine and although I have found a work-around, I plan to upgrade to one eventually.

I use a 7" Asus ZenPad, BTW.