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looking into correspondence courses. do to my work with no time off. two choices (1) PHII (2) ITA any sugestions would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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Hello New Start,

No need to be shy. You should add a name to your posts.

Anyhow, my 2 cents would be to honestly check your local colleges for offerings. Why not kill multiple birds with one stone. If they offer online or correspondence courses they may also give you credit later towards certificate or degree programs. Plus you will have the advantage of local contacts for assistance when you have questions or issues.

If you are still intent on using an out of state source there are many colleges that offer HI programs. For example here in Texas there is


Texas A&M has a very large Real Estate education program for many RE facets. This gives you access to a large pool of resources later.

There are many colleges around the country that offer HI training. You may even want to spend the money instead on taking ICC training for the Residential Combination rating and then buy a book to fill in what you need for the HI specific requirements of your state.

Does Florida require you to take courses from specific training providers? Here in Texas we are locked into Texas approved training providers although they may not be the best available.

Good luck!

Emmanuel Scanlan

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Look into community colleges for weekend courses.

I attended my required class time on Saturdays and Sundays.

8 hours a day. No time off work required that way.