Looking for any Nachi Inspectors in N.C.

I have a Nephew in Matthews N.C…

Are there any Inspectors that live in that area?

He will be adding a big addition and may need assistance to make sure he is not taken by a building contractor.
I told him I would check to see and if he needed one, I would give him the contact.



I would appreciate it if you passed on my contact info to him.

I work in a large area including Matthews.
He will at least need a pre-drywall inspection and preferrably a final inspection also.

Thanks Bruce, I thought of you when this came up, but did not realize you covered that area.

Thanks I will file this message for further use if needed. :):smiley:


If he plans on doing some of the finish work himself, I advise not to tell the contractor until he gets a quote for the whole project first.

He plans to build an addition to his house as big as the house.
He is a Pharmisist.
He is building an appartment for his father which is my wifes brother.
I filled him in on what he needs to do in choosing a Contractor as which I am, and all the precautions he needs to take.

I told him that if he needed a Draw Inspector or a new construction Inspector to keep the Contractor Honest, I would.
Glad to see you in the Picture.