Looking for BOCA 1996 combustion air requirments

I have a village that is using BOCA 1996 for new construction. I did a new construction, condo, need combustion air requirements for heater and hot water heater in a halway closet. have two 15" x 11" wood vents in bottom of doors. a total of 105,000 BTUs.

  1. For all air from inside the structure: The room shall have not less than 1 cubic foot of volume per 15 btuh total equipment load.
  2. For pass-through openings between adjacent spaces: The total net free area of the openings shall be equal to 1 square inch per 500 btuh of the equipment rating.
  3. For air from outside: When connected to the outdoors thru horizontal ducts, the opening area shall equal 1 square inch net free area per 2000 btuh total input rating of equipment
    Does this help?

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks, that is what I needed.


Don’t forget that C/A vents are usually required to be in a High/Low setup. This allows for adequate blend of fresh air above/below the ignition/burn areas of the equipment.