Looking for budgeting sofware

I’m looking for suggestions for budgeting software. Of course I want cheap and easy but here’s what I’d like it to do.

I want to setup all my fixed expenses as monthly budget items (whether they are monthly or not ) like in an envelope system.

As I make deposits throughout the month, I’d like it to automatically fund the expenses. When they are funded, I can pay myself!

Having never done this, I don’t know if what I’m asking for exists, or if I’m thinking about the process all wrong.

I welcome your suggestions!

Joe this has been discussed many times. Use the search feature. Most use Quickbooks or Excel.

Hey Joe
Go to control panel I update your city and state so we know where your from.

I might be able to set something up for ya in spread sheet form.
Quickbooks pro works great but if you don’t want the expense a spread sheet will get the job done, just more manual input on your part.


I’ve been using Excel for about 20 years now. Quickbooks, Money, and Peachtree also work, but you’ll probably find Excel is the cheapest since you probably already have it.

Quickbooks works great and you can get a copy very cheap on ebay.

Contact Don Belmont in Vermont / New Hampshire thru “Find an Inspector” on this website.

He set up a program just for inspectors.

quick books does soooomuch you cant go wrong.

Excel is awesome, but for actual checkbook work, I use Quicken. Its easy to use and you can set up an unlimited amount of accounts and it costs a fraction of the cost of QB’s. It does all the same things as QB, it covers IRA’s, Rental income and Canada stuff too. Yea, I’m aware that all CPA’s only use QB, but you’re paying for their programs, because there is a limited number of accounts on QB, even for CPA’s. If you don’t have a payroll (staff), this is the program for you. Excel is fun, you can set up ALL of your items, both fixed and by the precent of what you want pulled out. I have mine set up so I know what is left over (911 Fund) and what it deposited into business account and 15% is transfered into another checking account (non-interesting bearing) to store taxes for IRS.