Looking for full length (or long, detailed) video of mobile inspection

Over a year ago I asked if any HI or if any of the report software manufacturers had a full length (or at least a long) video which shows someone actually doing an on-site inspection while inputting the data in their mobile device or laptop and then ship the final report on site. And for the viewer to be able to see that exact final report product. I have yet to see such a video. I would think something like this would behoove the report software company as it would be a fantastic marketing tool. If I could see it being done (long, detailed video (not a snip-it)), I would buy that software today.

Shout out to HIP, ReportHost, HomeGauge, Spectacular, and many others that I have heard mentioned. Do any of you software providers have video (long, detailed version) which shows an entire inspection being performed on a mobile device or laptop? If so, please post a link to the long version. I’m definitely in the market for new HI software.

Hi Edward,
This is one we did a while back. We have had some interface changes on the device since then that improves it even more. While we did try to add some humor you can see how to perform an inspection with the device, cloud up, cloud down onto laptop and finish the inspection ready to upload and send out to customer.

Go to my YouTube page I did a video with a GoPro and HomeGauge I have the standard speed link video also just not uploaded if you want to see that sorry for the typos but I’m driving trying to help you

I’d like to see a video of someone using mobile with the client following them around and keeping their client comfortable and interested and not looking like you’re walking around the entire time with your nose in the tablet looking for sections, searching for or writing comments, labeling photos etc. while ignoring them. I personally can’t do it. I really really want to be able to, however I find myself more comfortable with the clients when I’m explaining to them what I’m doing and what I’m looking at as I do it. It helps them feel confident and engaged like they’re getting a first hand tour of the systems of their house, and it eliminates awkward silence where they feel like they’re just an inconvenience to me. I personally can’t pull off that routine while trying to focus on the computer at the same time. I will say that I imagine it may be easier in a room by room inspection rather than a system by system, but it’s just not me for now.

Hi Wayne,
I am hands free until I find two problems. Then I stop, open the software on the device and select the RR summary column and take my pictures at that item and or leave myself a note at that item. No more time than jotting down on paper. Then I am hands free again and talking with my client until I find two more problems. I do this as I inspect the entire home. near the end of inspection is when I will use the find first find next “Styles and Material” and that is my longest moment which is usually about three to four minutes.

I do not spend any more time checking off items, labeling or anything like that. I wait until I am at home or office and cloud the report to my desktop or laptop where the screen is bigger to do all the extra data.

When reviewing the report with the customer you can click the summary icon on your device and all items marked as RR will display for a scrolling review.