Looking for Guidance

My name is Andrew Denial and I am new to the inspection scene. I am looking forward to getting to the nitty gritty and learning! Here is a little about me:
Since I can remember, I have spent my life working on and remodeling homes with my parents. I have also built their current home with them (in my spare time); I didn’t know that this would eventually end up being my dream career.

After high school, I wound up meandering eventually ending up at Pennsylvania College of Technology and obtained my Associates Degree in Building Construction Technologies. I spent a few months working for a small builder, but he never took me seriously because I had a, “fancy degree, that’s not real world knowledge”. That really turned me off of construction all together. Went back to dead end jobs; I ended up at BASF as a chemical operator. I worked my way up to middle management, safety, safety, observations and HazMat Spill Response.

BASF closed its doors and I found myself starting over, again. A plastics shop was kind enough to take in this orphan, and allowed me to work in operations and eventually QC for mass transit flooring. I think it is time for me to venture out on my own. I have never lost my passion for building and construction as a whole, and with my recent opportunity I thought inspection was a logical next step.

The problem I will have in Pennsylvania is needing 100 inspections worth of experience. I’m not too sure somebody will be up to offer that to me, I can only hope. If there is another way to tick that box, I’d love ideas!

Thanks in advance.

Haha…literally the same question I just posted 20 min ago…hopefully one of us gets an answer

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I hope we can both find our answers! I am just too excited to start this!

Welcome to our forum, Andy!..Enjoy! :smile:

You’ll make it!

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