Looking for help

So here in Iowa where I’m located business can be very spotty I’m looking for a inspector located in the Texas or Florida area for this hurricane stuff that has more work than they can handle I’d be willing to fly out and help them temporarily for a couple weeks too a month so that way we could tag team homes. I look at it as a way I can get more experience along with making a little cash. If there’s anyone interested don’t hesitate to contact me. You can look at my reviews to see that I have good intentions and I honestly just really would like some more experience under my belt.

P.s. I would appreciate if the trolls refrain from posting on this.

F&E Home Inspection

Rock Rapids, IA
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Any inspection a Texas Inspector performs under the control of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) rules and Texas laws will require any assistants or helpers on site to be at a minimum a licensed Texas Apprentice Inspector. There are many other inspections though that are not under the control of TREC that you could possibly be involved without a Texas license.

Thank you for the info!

No offense intended.
I would stay in my local market and work on MY business.

Maybe you can spend some of your down time on your website.

I can help. Pretend you have a full-time job. Set your alarm clock every morning, as if you have to wake up for your full-time, 9 to 5 job. When your alarm clock rings, if have a home inspection, go do it. If you don’t, work on developing your business www.nachi.org/bizvelop or marketing your business. If you just do this - pretend it’s a regular job, pretty soon your calendar will be full of inspection jobs. It’s self-leveling in that when you aren’t busy, you are marketing to get busy.