Looking for Home Inspectors

Hi Everyone,

We are looking for Home Inspectors to test out our Premium version for a beta test that we are targeting to start on June 31st, 2011.

Here’s what we are looking for:
Fully Licensed Home Inspectors
Must be interested in providing usage feedback and suggestions on how to make Requestmaster.com a better tool for your use.
Located in areas where there is a large amount of Realtors
You are in a large or there is a large metropolitan area nearby
Not interested in developing their own systems similar to Requestmaster.com
Is willing to commit to using Requestmaster.com as a method to Market their Home Inspection Services (Continue your existing efforts, however, dedicate a small amount of time per day to use Requestmaster.com)
Has a good reputation in their areas and can provide 3 Realtor References

We are interested in Home Inspectors from different areas across the country to test out our premium version of Requestmaster.com. We are interested in getting user feedback on their experiences with using the tools we have built, The things you like about it, what you don’t like and what you feel could be better for you as a Home Inspector.

For the individuals selected, we are allowing free usage of our Premium version during the beta testing period. After the beta testing period ends, for those who have participated, we will offer the premium version for one year as a “thank you” for helping us develop a product that is more useful to you as a Home Inspector in your marketing efforts.

So, what do you need to do?
Please send an email with “beta test” in the subject line to: admin@requestmaster.com

Please provide the area that you are located in and three Realtor references for our review.

We will be selecting individuals based on the responses received and geographical areas.

You have got to be schitting me.:shock:

To Quote Monty Python… SPAM SPAM SPAM BACON EGGS AND SPAM…:roll:

We are looking for approximately 20 Home Inspectors to test out our Premium version for a beta test that we are targeting to start on May 31st, 2011.

You could not find 20 inspectors willing to do this as of yet?
Gee I wonder why?

I had to separate this post from the other post on the message board.

We have had a lot of responses, and have sent us emails stating they were interested but have not replied to our responses. So I wanted to post this separately from the other post on the message board.

Jeffery, how much will you pay me to beta test your program ?:wink:


Just out of curiosity, Mr. Herrera…how many of the used house salesmen who are using your site provided you with three references from home inspectors?


As we do not know each and everyone personally we simply want to make sure that any beta testers who are providing feedback have generally good reputations. Since we will be collecting the input and making potential decisions on changes based on the user feedback/input. It is, unfortunately, a requirement for the beta group that the input come from Home Inspectors who are seen as reputable and Quality Home Inspectors.

Our main purpose is to take the some of the tools that we have initially developed and collect feedback from Real users and further refine how things work based on that input.

We are always interested in hearing your likes, dislikes ideas on what you would be interested in. This beta group simply provides a way to allow for a more condensed input.

We’ve already received some great input and are truly appreciative.

I’ll put that down as a “None of them”, then. Thanks.

The target for this input is primarily Home Inspectors. We have not asked for participation in the beta directly from Realtors. If there are Realtors who wish to participate, the Requirement for them is the same.

Most Realtors would not know what a good inspector is, let alone what a home inspection is. Sad but true.

That is very true James, however, on the bright side it does provide an opportunity to teach them. Sounds like a corny response, but anything you can provide to a Realtor to help them speak more intelligently with their clients usually comes back in your favor.

You can lead a horse to water…

I have held their heads under water and it still does not seem to help.

More about personality than knowledge.

They def do not want the everyone is gonna die mentality.Some inspectors are like that and make a great living off zero referrals from Agents.

Soliciting real estate salesmen for referrals in this manner is in direct conflict with my marketing plan, Jeff. I didn’t realize, when I opened the account that you offered a few weeks ago, that this was such a network. After more closely examining this network, I have read that these salesmen actually have the opportunity to “rate” the inspector on your database, as well. I can see why you are looking for participants who are closely associated with this conflict of interest. Participating in such an activity is contrary to my business plan and does not act in the best interests of those that I serve, IMO. Please cancel my account so that my name and website does not appear in your database.


To me this seems like a bad Idea for the industry as a whole. It appears to be nothing more than a list of Homr Inspectors that are going to get rated by unqualified idiots and only get jobs by being cheap. Not my cup of tea and certainly not my type of business model.