Looking for info from someone in Port Richey

Good day:

I have a friend living in a manufactured home in Port Richey.
He is offering it for sale. No real details yet, but I’m looking for opinions on the homes in general and the area as well. He described it as a roof over roof bungalow. I think I know what that is but not sure.

Located at 6010 Richey Rd.

Any info would be appreciated.

You could PM if you like


Most man fac homes down here usually go FHA or VA loan if not a cash deal.
If so the mortgage co will require one of those foundation certifications before funding.
The buyer will have to pay for it, around $350 besides the home inspection.
Did you mean 6010 Ridge Road?

Yea sorry Marc it is 6010 Ridge Rd.

Will likely be a cash deal. Just exploring snow bird possibilities

Port Richey has some good parts and mostly lower income parts. Several MH parks and this one is close to US 19 with plenty of shopping. A roofover is just a second roof covering over the original roof. Shouldn’t need a foundation cert since these are rental lots.

Thanks Brad:

Rental lots?

Is this located in the "lower"end of town?


Brad you know I love ya but what does a foundation cert have to do with if you own the land or not.

Most parks are rental parks, where the lot is rented and you own the mobile home. In other words these are not real estate properties and there are no property taxes, just lot rent. That area is a mix with older small homes and pockets of larger newer homes farther east. BTW, there are no sandy beaches in Pasco Co, except one man made beach park.

I have never heard of one needed for a lot rented mobile home…only real property transactions. I may be wrong though.

I do Harrison Engineering stuff down here.
I’ve done them for rental, fee simple & reverse mortgage.
I think it depends on the lender & if I was the lender I want to confirm my collateral won’t tip over/damaged.

There’s good & bad areas here.
Here’s one that’s around 7 miles from me & nicely maintained.
Only $75K/lot rent $720. Built in 2006, NOT in the 70’s/80’s.
Hurry up I’ll meet ya at Wawa for a sandwich. :slight_smile:
Skyline Manufactured Home For Sale in Coconut Creek FL, 33073

The mobile home must be titled as real estate to trigger a foundation cert for a FHA, VA, or conventional loan. Otherwise it is personal property and a Chattel loan is needed. I am not sure if a foundation cert is triggered for a Chattel loan. Of course, it is a good idea to tie it down regardless, but I don’t think a permanent foundation is required in a lot rental park.

We do the tie downs for insurance in RV parks. Never had a request for an engineer stamped foundation cert for a loan in a park.

Thanks for the info guys.
Disappointed that there are no sandy beaches there.
Might be a deal breaker.
Any other ideas out there?

I could see that

Wait for the next buyback condo lol

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world just an hour drive south to Pinellas County.

Unfortunately the gulf coast in Pasco County is just mangroves and swamps. Good fishing though.

Very true.

This billboard is at the county line when entering Pasco County…:mrgreen:

I was leaving that info out. Did you know the toothbrush was invented in Pasco county? Anywhere else it would be called a teethbrush. :cool:

Thanks for the input everyone.

Looking south toward Venice and Sarasota.

Any ideas?


Pinellas county is nice but really getting congested. Sarasota is nice also.