Looking for Inspection order sheets

can anyone tell me where i can find a inspection work order sheet already made or a template. i would just like to have something to work from a basic set of question and something to write all there info on without just using a note pad?

Here’s what I used years ago when I first started. It’s a good base line for you start with.

Do you not have access to Google apps, or don’t you know what questions to ask yet?

Do not read off a script (especially one someone else made).
You’ll sound like a tel-marketor on the phone.

Lock yourself in the bathroom and practice.

If you don’t know what answers you need, your not ready to take phone calls yet.

The problem with a form is you never have it handy when you need it. The one Kevin posted will give you the information necessary to price the inspection. After using it for a while you will just know what to ask. Two things I like to know is when is there due diligence period over and what are they planning on using the property for, to live in, rental, flip etc.

Thought of a couple more, is it on a lock/combo box or electronic (supra) key. Alarm system?

just buy a little notebook, I have one in my back pocket works fine…

I use something similar to Kevin’s. It’s not that I don’t know what questions to ask. For me it’s about keeping track of any information about the house and client I can get. It makes for good future reference. I’m a paper trail(mostly electronic) type of person.

But if you need to learn how to sell your services you need to practice, practice, practice.

Maybe you could ask for the MLS# as well, once you have that, you have pretty much all info about the house plus pictures.

For me, I take down client info wen they book, I do print up the city assessor card at home so I have build date, picture, and can verify within reason the square footage. That stays on file in my brief case until the inspection is done.

i am fine with taking the phone calls and definitely don’t want to sound scripted but i was just wanting something to keep with my file for each job. But what i had in mind was just a paper for things like the client name address, real estate agent what service they are looking for things like that.

You can make one with Word.

The link you sent Kevin is pretty much what i had in mind thanks… Is there a website that has other things like that or is it something you made yourself? I appreciate everyone info.

I do have google apps David.

I made it myself in publisher back when I started.

I now use ACC, ISN and 3D software with office management. I’ve been 100% paperless since 2009.

They all work for your needs.

I like spread sheet. Plug in #'s and it prints out Inspection Request Form.

Figuring out what you want to put on the form helps you learn what you need and helps you get better based on what works best.

I have hundreds of changes to mine.
Once I learn what I need, I take it off.
When I come up with something new, I add it and see how it works out.

Start with;
When the caller asks “How much do you charge”.
What is your “QUESTION”? (I know you won’t Answer, right?)
And please don’t ask what the sq. ft. is, because they will answer and your at a dead end!