Looking for inspector in lake wales area for a friend

For a close friend…

Its an 80’s home with stucco.

Apparently a few suspicious bits with the stucco of the home…that were evident to my friend.

Its on a deep canal with a dock as well.

Hoping to find a good interNACHI inspector

Who will check inside exterior walls with a moisture meter to make sure water isnt getting behind the stucco.

Any suggestions?



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Here is another way to find a NACHI certified home inspector.


Drew @ About - Homespect LLC

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thank you for that…
I think I was hoping to find vetted inspectors…as in vetted on here. I like this forum for that, in that you can get a feel for what kind of work an inspector does by how they post on here.
But I will check that list and send it along to my buddy


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are they in central florida, or in NJ?

I’ll shoot them a message