looking for jobs

this is Mark Jacobs I am a certified pip member of multiple inspection affiliations and in need of work . I would like to subcontract to others within 50 Miles of my service area.
All cert and training available on request.
been certified since 2001 and in private practice for approx, 2 years
call 937-210-8418 or email hipointhomeinspection3@gmail.com

Hi Mark!
I think you would have better luck if you went to the control panel and
Completed your “Personal information” as to what city and state you live in.

Good luck!:nachi::nachi:

First off… get a REAL website. You’rs sux! You will never gain any significant work with what you have now.

Second… What’s a “certified pip inspector”?


Don’t you mean… “subcontract from”?

If you’ve been at this for over 2 years now and don’t make a decent living at it, perhaps you may want to consider a diferrent occupation.

What’s his website?

Over 2300 posts and you don’t know how to find that yet? Geez, what’s the matter with you? ;-);-):wink:

Click on his name on the upper left.

His site is not very good at all. It doesn’t say where he is or provide any contact info!!!:shock::shock::roll::roll::shock::shock::roll::roll:

Oops. Yes, that is the #1 worst site I’ve seen. Took maybe 20 minutes to create. No wonder he needs work. What do his reports look like? Not putting his best foot forward.

No name, address, phone number listed.
I clicked on the contact link & it goes to the same page.

I agree :wink:

Where have you spent your time building your business? Do you have a medical practice on the side?
If you would have dedicated 12-16 hours/day 7 days a week (which is what it takes) you wouldn’t be posting here looking for a job.
Try McDonald’s, you’ll make more $$$ and the food is free.:wink:

Dammit Dapkus I want my burgers and fries done right, stop referring the ner do wells to there, LOL:mrgreen: