Looking for nominations for the Inspector Hall of Fame.

InterNACHI is creating the Inspector Hall of Fame. It will be located in Boulder, Colorado right next to the House of Horrors training facility and the new Inspection Museum which opened today.

We’re seeking nominations. If you can think of someone who has done something for the inspection industry, please post your suggestion.

It’s likely that quite a few selected for the Inspector Hall of Fame will be vendors. We’re fine with that. But we’ll consider any and every nominee.

I’m nominating Gerry Beaumont, InterNACHI’s first Education Director.

And I’m nominating Joe Farsetta for his work in ethics in our industry.

And probably Chad Hett, the owner of the first multi-inspector firm to have 50 inspectors.

Dan Huber for coming up with ISN.

How about bringing up all InterNACHI MOTY for a vote by the members for inclusion to the Hall of Fame?

Is this going to be for InterNACHI Member Inspectors… or Vendors?


Nick If you allow Vendors who are not actually Inspectors then you tarnish the whoa concept. That’s like nominating Bengaline Franklin because hes on the 100 bill. Just doesn’t belong same with vendors.


I’ll 2nd that and add to it the fantastic help and advice he has given tons of inspectors over the years, and still does. Joe is a 1 of a kind, a class act in my opinion !!!


The Hall of Fame should never be a popularity vote. It should be determined by the BOD of InterNACHI. The 125 members that might vote, or less than 1% of the InterNACHI membership, is not indicative of the InterNACHI membership as a whole. And that begs the question asked below. Is this an Industry HOF or a InterNACHI HOF? How would anybody that joined in the last 6 years know even a little about Gerry Beaumont other than his name is on an award? Or others that were around in the beginning when the organization was founded? Or those that have come and gone before 1/3 of the membership was ever around? Heck, there are lots of people that aren’t even on this message board any longer that might be deserving.

Then there are those that are controversial. Take someone like Jim Bushart. Many could not stand him. Many like him. He was controversial but always consistent. He kept Nick’s feet to the fire regarding the organization. Were it not for health issues, he may very well still be inspecting and active on this board.

Then there are those that are not InterNACHI members. Is this a true Home Inspector Hall of Fame or an InterNACHI Hall of Fame? It makes a difference to some.

Vendors is touchy. Nobody wants to see those battles. For example, there are numerous software vendors, but from the HOF standpoint, maybe only the person that developed the first inspection software might be realistic. It shouldn’t turn into a software A is best or software B is best. It isn’t about “best” product. Did they change the industry? Then there are the “widget wars”. Just because a percentage of inspectors use a widget does not mean it is good for everyone. This should be an honor that is earned, not purchased.

JMHO. The Hall of Fame should truly mean something and not just be a popularity contest.

Well said, my post was in the same mindset, just to lazy to get all detailed like you just did…LOL, I new you would clean up my slack and improve it…:slight_smile:


Vendors are big part of the industry. What would we be without schools, software, websites, books, etc.?

All for huge profits… that is their reward!

I’ll nominate Jim Bushart.

Hall of Fame

Roy Cooke
Russel Ray
Marcel R. Cyr
Paul W. Abernathy
Paul Lesieur

Now how about a hall of Shame, I could name a few.

I’ll second that without hesitation!

Ditto for Joe Farsetta!

And I’ll throw Dale Duffy, Barry Adair, and Jae Williams into the mix!

Let’s not forget Frank Carrio!

Still the question is there. Is this an InterNACHI Home Inspector Hall of Fame or a Home Inspector Hall of fame? Nick?

Neither. It’s an Inspector Hall of Fame. But InterNACHI being the lone trade association, it’s likely going to be a bit InterNACHI biased I would assume.