Looking for photo or image

Would anyone have for a Hose bib interior valve.

I have a nice image but I only have a cardboard copy and my scanner is garbage.

I am making some shut off tags.



Like this??

I am looking for the interior valve image or photo. And one that had both the older style and update frost free type would be perfect.

Thanks Jay

It would probably be a good idea to have the picture of the outside valve. Something with a garden hose on it. This way home owners know what it goes to.

Trust me, most understand a picture more than the words “hose bib”. Maybe one like this for the “dirty as hell and the wife won’t let me shower in our shower”, tag.


Never mind. I was able to scan a image I liked, crop and then print onto a tag.

Problem was with me not the scanner.

Brian thanks for the laugh.

Care to share the photo?

I would like to but the image has a copyright and I should ask the author before I use and post.

Knowing my luck I would end up in trouble.

Just to play the Devil’s Advocate… since it has a “Copy Right”… Did you get permission to “duplicate / scan it” and more importantly …did you get permission to print it on a tag?

“Copyrights” always forbid duplication in any form {Scanning} and distribution in any form… {on a tag}

I went to the Mr. Fix It website and I could not find this graphic. [/size][/FONT]