looking for PIM software recommendations

I’m looking for recommendations on Personal Information Manager (PIM) software. As time goes on, I’m just getting less and less organized, and I need some help. Is there software that you have found to be helpful in staying organized, keeping on task, organizing data, etc? I’d like to hear your recommendations so I can check them out. Thanks!

I’ve had a lot of organizing software in my time and I’ve learned one thing. If you don’t use it, it doesn’t matter what you use because it won’t help you.
Sounds like simple minded advice, but it’s true.
I’ve been an unorganized person my whole life…and no software will help me because although I mean well when I start with it, I soon stop entering the info as it just takes more time from my day.

Check out Hi-Spec’s software. Affordable and VERY helpful. :slight_smile:

There are a couple PIM apps (free) noted here, along with many other useful tools.


Note: I use the Palm desktop because I have a Palm device. The desktop application is useful when used alone, as noted in the above article.