Looking For Relocation Inspection Companies

I’m looking to expand my current client base into Relocation Inspection Companies. The three companies that I’m currently working with are USI, RAL, and FCIS. Does anyone have any additional companies they would recommend?

Kip McCullough
Keystone Property Inspections, LLC

Could you spell out the above company names.

The names that I was referring to are some of the relocation companies I currently work with. They do not pay as much as a typical inspection, but they are nice to have when inspections are slow.

(USI) US Inspect: http://www.usinspect.com/
(RAL) RAL Inspection Services: http://www.ralis.com/
(FICS) Fidelity Inspection & Consulting Services: [size=2]www.ficservices.com](http://www.ficservices.com/)[/size]

Hope this helps!

Kip McCullough



Thanks Dave

What has been your experience with FICS? THey recently contacted me for work in my area. Pay well and on time? Hard to satisfy?, etc. TIA

Fidelity is a stand up company. High marks

In my personal experience they are pretty quick to “Throw you under the bus” to keep their RELO client happy. Keep a copy of your reports submitted on the online form. I printed a pdf copy of all my reports, as they do alter your submitted “Field Notes”. I hope your experience is better then mine. :frowning:

Yep I agree FICS will throw you under the buss. I had bad experience:mad: with them several years ago. For one thing they lied to me… long story.