Looking for scald table

I’m looking for a table that described how long it takes to be scalded at a specific temperature for an adult and children. I saw one somewhere, and I can’t find it again. I would greatly appreciate any help

Not sure there would be any difference between an adult vs. child…




I use these in reports. Have at it.


Listen if the water’s too hot I use the 5 second rule with that’s not good however I do it if you got that hot water going on and you put your fingers underneath it and you can handle it for 5 seconds then it’s a scalder. I recommend people with children set your water heaters to 110 degrees. Depending on the distance between the water heater and the shower and or tub. I set mine at a hundred and forty degrees look up Legionnaires disease if some stupid mom throws there baby in scalding water. That’s her and she’s stupid.
I’m on my phone so excuse the vernacular

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Yes, that one is much nicer. Thanks.

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Brother Scott how you doing give me a call on the phone you know my number

I greatly appreciate it guys you were super helpful I was haveing a discussion with someone at work I Finally found the table I was looking for it was in the Residential Plumbing Overview for Inspectors Course