Looking for software or downloads!

I’m trying find reference material for systems and standards of home inspection that I can place on my phone w/ windows mobile 6. I was told by the phone co. that it may be possible if I got the material and converted it to a PDF. I’m not a computer guru so I don’t know how to do that. If anyone can please help.:roll: :mrgreen: :smiley:

You can convert any document to a pdf using PrimoPDF at http://www.primopdf.com . So once you find a document you’d open it in word, or on the web, click print, select primo pdf and select where you want to save the document. You can then drag it the memory card on your phone when it’s connected (better than putting it on the phones actual memory).

You can view any PDF file on a Windows Mobile 6 device using the application “ClearVue PDF” which should come on your Windows Mobile 6 phone…if it does not you should be able to get it off the Internet. You can convert any reference material that is PRINTABLE to a PDF file if you get any of the several cheap or free PDF drivers available on the Internet.
We also have built into our home inspection software, that runs on a Windows Mobile 6 device, the ability to have reference material available right on the screen that is relevant to the specific item you are inspecting at any time during the inspection. This makes it much more convenient because you wouldn’t need to search for the information everytime but instead it is there on the “Info” tab as you are doing the inspection.

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