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Below is an e-mail I recieved from an agent today regarding a four point inspection.

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Citizen’s underwriting just emailed me and asked for a picture of the electrical panel and the interior door. I have the electrical panel pic that you sent but do not have the interior door pic. Do you have it and, if so, please send it to me.

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I attached the photos I took of the electrical panel at the time of inspection.

My question is why is Citizens asking for a photo of the interior door?

Also I have completed approximately 35 more four point inspections for Citizens since this inspection was completed so why is the interior door photo an issue on this one? Not trying to complain just wondering if anyone has an answer.

Just trying to gain a little knowledge.

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I would have guessed to confirm that the breakers are labeled, as sometimes the key is on the inside of the panel door and the stickers next to the breakers are merely numbering for the key, but that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Maybe that isn’t clear in the PIC you sent in your report?

Probably a new agent at Citizens. Call them them clarify the request.

They want to see the breakers…especially the brightly colored ones…:mrgreen:

Part of their reasoning is they want to confirm the manufacturer label (inside the door) matches the panel to prevent fraud (FPE and Zinsco panels).
In a few cases the interior panels and doors did not match…
Most times the labels are missing, but again, it is their reasoning.

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Most panels I inspect (especially on homes requiring four points) the breakers are not labeled. In many cases the panel information located on the interior door is either not legible or not there.

Just seemed like an odd request.

I tend to agree with Reece. The underwriter may just be new on the job.

Do any of you typically photo the interior doors of panels when conducting a four point?
Have any of you been asked to provide an interior door photo in the past?

Thanks you all are a big help


Well, the new CIT form does have “interior door label” included as one of the required photos. Not quite sure what they are looking for, manufacturer, breaker labeling or what ever, but I now include a dedicated photo of the label if present.

I always include it. Takes a couple seconds and avoids these type requests from the underwriters.


I’m convinced that Citizen underwriters are high school students working on there community service hours.
We had a similar back and forth with a water heater label they could not read. Just give them what they want, and make sure you take that pic on future inspections.

New Citizens form clearly states the interior door label. They will not insure Zinsco or FPE, thus the reason for that photo, just take it on every one.

This is a response to an inquiry regarding FPE panels:

Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2012 4:53 PM
Subject: Inspection Review

For now, FPE panels in good working order and free of defect are insurable. Note that if the inspector highlights its presence as a potential hazard, it will be treated accordingly.

Technical Underwriting Specialist, Personal Lines
Citizens Property Insurance Corporation

Good information Richard. Good to know they aren’t just arbitrarily rejecting certain panels on name basis alone.


I believe it is not only who you speak to, but how they are feeling THAT day.

There are sooooo many panels out there without labels - it just seems to be an arbitrary requirement - A picture of the panel with a statement about the manufacturer should suffice.

You guys are removing the covers and not just photographing the labels correct?


Tower Hill wants a pic of the washing machine hoses…:shock:

That is correct. It’s for that reason I also take a picture of those on every 4 point. I often times don’t know if the client is going to shop multiple companies and that way there’s no need to return for an extra photo. Best to take a few more and have in case they’re needed.


Send your client a sample of the 4-point form you normally use, I use the TH one, and have them ask if their insurance company will accept it, before you go to the property.
I take all of the pictures the TH form asks for and I haven’t had a problem using that form, even with Citizens.

I haven’t had one client be able to get insurance with one yet! And there was nothing wrong with any of the panels in question. The clients had 90 days to change the panel or get forced-placed insurance.

I take a picture of the panel with the door open and with the cover off.

They wish to verify the panel manufacturor and the max rating to the MSD,type of enclosure etc.