Looking for Some Technical Resources On ...

A Singer fuel oil furnace

Model # OB 20007 12B
Serial # 0355022-E49-C144
UL # R-735097

It seems it is old
This is what i found i am not sure what you need
SINGER: In 1982 became climate control unit of SnyderGeneral Corp. with name dropped. In 1984 SnyderGeneral operations included Arcoaire, Comfortmaker, McQuay. In 1988 SynderGeneral bought American Air Filter. In 1991, sold Arcoaire & Comfortmaker to Inter-City Products.

The brand got passed around like a hotcake!

Actually, I’m looking for a manual or some diagrams for the unit. Its my furnace and the local HVAC tech’s don’t want to clean the sooty firebox. I want to gauge if I can do the task myself.

What is the reason they are giving you. They must be be afraid it has deteriorated to much.

Try here http://hvac-talk.com/vbb/index.php

I was able to talk to two actual techs and that was pretty much their concern. Apparently, there have been too many cases years ago in which they have cleaned older fireboxes and heat exchangers, find cracks or deterioration and then get accussed of creating them. That and I’m sure they are counting on me being another one of those homeowners who will give up and buy a new furnace from them. :mrgreen:

Do they frown upon us “Handymen” and “Know-Nothing Inspectors”? :shock:

Nick i was a License oil burner mech #1 in Ontario Canada for 21 years. Email me ill see what i can get you through