Looking for study materials or sites

Anyone know some good web links for general residential electrical? I think I am going to get my electricians license and need some study materials.

Mike Holt has some excellent study materials but they are a little pricey. I’ve posted some of his graphics here from time to time. He also runs a very good code forum. You can find more info over at Mikeholt.com. I believe that one of the moderators over there is from Tennessee so he may be able to help.

There’s also electrician talk that has a popular forum as well at Eletriciantalk.com.

I am a moderator at www.electriciantalk.com. I can say that while we’re not setup to teach a resi electrician, there is plenty of good information there you can learn from. Just don’t post, or you’re likely to have your posts zapped. It’s for professional electricians only, but you can read all you want.

Check out your local colleges. I recently took an electrical course and learned a bunch.


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I had to prove that I had 8000 hours of electrical experience. Doesn’t Nashville have something similar for getting a license?


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There are study guides based on whichever year’s NEC you want. The licensing tests tend to make sure you know how to use the NEC book. They’ll also throw in specific questions on your local code.


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