Looking for study materials or sites

The advice I gave you should be sufficient.


Believe it or not, TN has what is called an limited licensed electrician. Not accepted in all municipalities, but good for many rural areas. It allows you to do jobs up to $25000

You just have to take to 40 question test. Kind of scarey huh?
Figured if I can pass it might as well…

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Remember as an electrician you now have added more responsibility to your inspections .

That is why I dropped my electrical license when I became a homie .

I thought of that, but honestly it falls back on the fact of recommending an electrician for futher evaluation. I should know what I am looking at to begin with.

Sean, You may want to post you question here.:wink:

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Found what should be a good start on ebay. Not a bad price either.

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So you’re looking for more of a DIY manual? If it’s a license test, it should cover code rather than application. Two different animals.


Jeff in TN DIY is the way lololol

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Sean, why do you want to get an electrical license. It seems that your Inspection business is doing well. Having a license doesn’t mean a whole lot if you’re not going to use it. Then comes more insurance, licensing fees (not that LLE is a factor) workers comp, more tools and supplies than any economical vehicle can handle etc.etc. Not sure if you have any electrical training, but as with any trade, it takes years to acquire enough knowledge and skill to perform at a competant level. Anyway, I would suggest the NEC handbook, its the electrical bible with illustrations for a study material. As far as website… not. I would highly recommend a jobsite and on the job training if you are really looking to do electrical work or run an electrical business.

I have a few books including the nec
I have no intentions of doing electrical work. Only as a small marketing advantage…

As far as electrical work, I have done a significant amount in the past. Mainly residential add ons or large remodels, but always with someone else.

Some of the homes I inspect, there is no way anyone electrician or inspector can evaluate whats needed in a short time. It would take me hours to sort through the mess and chase all the circuits in these places.


If you are wanting code related material then one good place is www.jadelearning.com as they have some PDF home study material that is very good. If you are simply looking to pass the electricians exam then I would suggest Mike Holts book " Exam Preparation"

Also on Mike Holt’s site you will find a bunch of online quizzes and so on to use with your code book to help get you ready my friend. And as always if you have any questions you need answered ( providing you talk to homosexuals as Mr. Shunk calls me…lo…better tell my wife quick…loll) then please feel free to call or e-mail and I will help you any way possible.

P.S. Never visit electriantalk’s website…it is moderated by idiots and they will lead you on the wrong path every time my friend…visit TRUSTED websites for knowledge.

Never been there but heard about it from some other electricians. Sorry I mentioned it.

No worries fella…If you help out long enough they will start coming after you as well. I have been though my time with them…Just do a great job as you always do and don’t worry about the people like Mr.Shunk…he has little mans disease.

Thanks Paul!