Looking for text for website

Can anyone direct me to good “starting” text for adding into my website for home inspection and mold inspection please? I am by no means a web text writer…LOL

Hire one.

INachi member & inspector, you will not be disappointed.
Good luck!

 Ian Robertson 

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Hire a professional copywriter if you are not comfortable doing it yourself. It is an actual profession.

If you hire someone, make sure that they don’t sell you a bunch of text they cobbled together by stealing from others. It’s unrealistic to expect a “copywriter” who knows nothing about the inspection business to be capable of providing you with quality, original text. If it’s stolen, you can expect to have your website shut down through a DMCA claim.

Your best bet may be to write your own rough draft and let the copywriter rewrite for you in polished form.

Dan, if you write it, Kate and I will polish it up for you and proof it.

There you go!