Looking for the person who signs...


I shall never disregard you, Adam, for the simple reason that you live in Philadelphia, one of our American cradles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of money. Er, I mean, happiness. Hmmm. Money. Happiness. All the same.

Glad you found what you needed, and in less than two hours, too!

LOL, that i did, thanks alot… and trust me theres nothing special these days about philly… i wish you could hunt down the people that give you red greenies without signing any name… very childish (even some of the ones that leave a name with the comments they leave)

thanks russel


And goes to show because of course as soon as i leave the last message I get another one, good thing I’m the kinda person that doesn’t get bother by people hiding behind words and with “online” reputation. Thanks Guy!! (whoever you are)

Thanks guys, who ever you are…