Looking for training

Folks I’m looking for training events in Michigan. Additionally, any certification training.



Contact Tom Rausch about getting a NCT Seminar to an area near you…he is the man that can get it done for you.

Also…I forgot to mention…Gerry B has some classes as well he does for NACHI as well…he may already have an event near you as well…

David - There are several programs that are totally funded by NACHI, at no cost to members, that can come to you if you can put together an event. If you don’t have a chapter, start one. I think Russ Spriggs is able to help you if you have difficulty following the steps prescribed on the main page.

I have been speaking with Jason Sieg, and plan to come to Michigan within the next 6 weeks or so to teach a class on wells, water quality, and well sampling.

Contact Jason for info, or is you want to coordinate an event n your area (in case you arent so close), call me at 845-300-3440.

Just what I was looking for! I’ll call…