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I live in the central Ohio area and have been looking at Columbus States Community college as well as Hondros-both have Home inspection courses. I am curious if any one has had experience with the courses supplied by either of these two schools both positive and negative.

I have 25 years of remoldeling and insurance damage experience.


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Welcome to NACHI!

No disrespect meant by this.......when you do get up and running with your business be sure to have someone spell check your reports. (carrer and remoldeling)

Richard W Washington

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I have completed the courses at Hondros College.

You will not learn to be an inspector by sitting in the class. The class is there for you to ask questions so, go in prepared. If you do that you will get a lot out of the classes. If you'd like more information and have specific questions feel free to contact me. I will be glad to help even though we are in the same area.

Read the entire text before you go in. I have some other books and reference manuals that have really helped a great deal. Roy Newcomber has a 7 book series available at the Hondros book store that are a necessity for new inspectors. The book for the advanced class really helps with how an inspection conversation and communication can be performed.... and the inspection is a performance and education. Stay on this message board and start a file for everything you learn and ask questions as you go. You may be given a string to read that information as the question has been asked and answered. So learn to use the search function.

There are a few other reference manuals for dating components and nothing... and I repeat NOTHING replaces the experience of doing the inspections.


Rick A. Harrington
Central Ohio Home Inspections