Looking to become a Home Inspector

I am a retired Firefighter looking for a new career. I have been in construction for 16 years and a general contractor for 7. But due to an accident on a fire a couple of years ago I am now looking for a new career that will be less strenuous on my knees the fighting fire and building custom homes. So with my knowledge of homes and desire to work I am going to pursue a future as a home inspector.
I have a couple of questions regarding what is the best way to get started in this career path and what advice is there for someone just getting started in this area?

Nick try here , this is a great place to start

Be prepared, you dont start off doing 4-5 inspections per week, it takes time to build a name folks trust and refer to.

You need to look realistically at your “knee” issues. Ever heard of “crawl spaces” and “attics” and “low setting decks”?

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Yep… and seemingly miles of stairs. If you walk roofs, you need good/strong ankles and knees as well.

Be safe!

Yep, yep, yep. My knees hurt just thinking about it! :p:mrgreen:

Now home inspection is hard on the knees.
After you hit and physically anesthetize the agent that has been hounding you to hurry up, you have to carry them out to their car and drive them to a secluded spot.
Its hard on the knees.
Then do it with every one that challenges your findings.:roll:
It’s dam exhausting at times Nick.

Then there is the financial end.
You have to pay-off everyone that witnessed it.
Can add up to $25.00 if there are 5.
Mostly though they pay you seeing they wanted to do the same and even fill up your tank.
Mr. Willson is a great help to everyone here.
An X Canadian I hear. makes him all that more credible.:wink:
use the link he posted.
That’s what I did.

Its only the first of many many challenges you will have to over come.

3 years latter you may earn a living.
If you love it then it’s well worth the price of admission.

All the nest Nick.

As far as the knee goes I believe it will be fine for the walking and crawling just not good enough to fight fire any more or build houses. Thank you guys for the help it is much appreciated.

I inspect full time with a completely torn ACL. usually OK, sometimes I have to go Robocop knee brace. It can be done, the knee sometimes talks to me after a multiple inspection day though…

A little talking every now and then is fine. That doesn’t bother me its the screaming i am trying to get away from.

so you have a wife…

Yes I do. And a mother inlaw

Doubly Cursed…
You should do well in this business…

So what he’s telling us is he will walk on his hands through the inspection if it gets him out of the house. :slight_smile:

Where are you located Nick? I can provide you with some good direction for getting started. Email me directly if you wish inspectorjeff@sbcglobal.net

ha ha ha ha ha ha

My prayers go out to you…

My prayers go out to all of your wives, those of you who are lucky enough to be married!:wink:

God has always loved men more than women, as evidenced by the wives he gives us in spite of ourselves. :wink: