Looking to Connect with other High Volume Draw / Bank Inspectors

Hello all! I am a draw inspector in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and looking to connector with other high volume draw inspectors anywhere in the US. This is not for phase or regular home inspections, strictly draw / bank inspections.

I am a full time draw inspector…haven’t done a regular home inspection since somewhere around '11.


I don’t meet your requirements but that never stopped me before. Why don’t you share your procedure and some success (must be successful if you don’t do HI anymore).stories. How you got banks interested and how you meet their needs (what makes them call you back?).

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I do these regularly but can be sporadic in the Louisville area.

Hey Robert. I guess the best advice I can give, aside from knowing construction practices, is to make the bank love your work. Quick, professional looking reports/intelligible comments, and never stop learning about construction costs will go a long way. The lending industry is a small world sometimes and you would be surprised who knows who. It can be difficult to gain new business. Don’t be afraid to offer a freebie, just so they can see that you know what you are actually doing. If you are working with anyone, ask if they know of other lenders that may need this service. Don’t forget about hard money lenders as well. There are a few national companies as well, Built, Trinity, Granite, Land Gorilla, Nationwide…

One last thing, be like clockwork!

What is a draw bank inspection? And how did you get started with them. I’m in Ohio.

Jimmy, I do these in the Corpus Christi area. Would be happy to talk to you anytime.


Bank agrees to lend Bob $5m to build a supermarket

Bank doesn’t want to give bob the entire $5m at once, they want to give Bob 5 payments of $1m each, as he completes phases of construction.

Bank doesn’t know much about construction.

Bank hires Inspector to perform “draw inspections”.

Inspector shows up at the construction site and says, “yep! borrower is ready for the next payment!” or “Nope! construction has not been completed!”

How did you guys get started with that.
Do I contact the bank or something?

That is a great way to start. Ask to speak mortgage risk dept (could be called a number of things) or even a mortgage loan officer. They should be able to direct you to the right person. The other option is searching for regional/national inspection companies.

Hey Robert, I tried to respond to you via your website…don’t think it went through. Thanks.

Thanks Jimmy