Looking To get Rid of Scherr Tumico, Comparator,model 4200

Well My grandpa Passed away, and he had this, Optical Comparator, Its a Scherr Tumico Model 4200, Its in really good shape, and works good, I saw them going on ebay for 1900-2000… I really have no Idea what this thing is for. so if i put this in the wrong area please move it to the correct area…

Im looking to get about $1600 for it Or Best Offer, I live in New Jersey, I will Deliver if its a reasonable range from my area, ill also meet half way or you can pick it up…

Ill ship it if buyer pays for shipping…

God Bless your grandfather.

May he rest in peace.

Why would a fella try to sell a tool used by toolmakers and machinists on a home inspector site?

Im a fella that dosnt know what this thing is, this thing could be an ice maker for all i know,

Does anyone know a site that would pertain to the use of this thing

How about eBay. The same way the rest of the world gets rid of their junk.

Check this link. It explains what it is, and does.


Thank you For the site.

Does anyone Know of Any Places Around New JErsey that would be interested in somthing like this?

Check with tool and dye makers.