Looking to start my own business

Hi I recently just got certified. I am from NW Ohio and I am looking to Start up my own business. My plan is to choose a name for my business, most likely make my company an LLC, buy a nice truck, Get some vehicle magnets, website, facebook page, find what software i want to use to write inspections and market myself to surrounding real estate agencies. Can anybody please tell me about there experiences with just starting out in this industry. Lie how long it took them to actually get there first inspection etc. Im wondering what is the best way to get my phone to ring for inspections. Best way to generate leads when first starting out. If you guys could guide me in the right direction as to what to expect and what can help the business grow i would greatly appreciate it. Any real life stories from experience will help tremendously. Thank you in advance!!

Refer to my questions on your other thread. If you can’t offer up the answers to this MB, you will never make it on your own in any business. Good luck.

NW Ohio? Come up to this InterNCHI event next week: http://oh.nachi.org/gl/event1145.html

Also, download my free book “How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business” from the homepage: www.nachi.org

Better buy that book also :slight_smile: It is good.


I would be happy to talk to you and help you out. There are a lot of smart folks here as well. Even the prickly ones who try to make you think they didn’t wear diapers too once in their lives. We all did. Contact me off line or look me up and find me that way. Would be a good exercise for you as well. All the best!

That’s nice of you Jeff.

Email me…
I will help where I can…

As others have said… Share.

Share your experience, share your location, share your business model. Let people (inside this forum and otherwise) know what you’re about and WHY you should/will succeed in the industry.

You could be the best in the world at the process of inspecting a home, but you’ll fall flat if you don’t sell yourself. Confidence is what sells best, and a lack of confidence will hold you in place like concrete shoes.

We’re all in this together, and we all had to start “somewhere”; I’m happy to answer any questions you have… and to also offer encouragement and inspiration in a world where being hopeful and optimistic may seem like a minority.