Looks can be deceiving

Had this roof today that looked good from on the roof even my helper thought it was a good roof (The Cat) We had a rain in my area one week ago and the first image on the ceiling in front of the fireplace indicated it might be moisture the moisture meter confirmed it was indeed moisture our outside ambient the past week has been high 90’s with attics near 140 degrees I was surprised the ceiling was still wet after one week. During the inspection we had a toad strangling rain so I run into the attic to see if I could physically see where the water was coming from. It was pouring into the attic from the ridge cap on the over sized cricket. The reason the ceiling had not fallen to the floor was evidenced by the aluminum vapor barrier installed in the attic.

Can never tell where the cat will show up, good catch

Good find Charley.

That dumb cat was just a kitten and came right up my ladder like a real trooper I had to carry it down or it would have still been up on the roof

I can understand it pouring in from a valley, but why would it pour in from a cricket ridge cap, especially when such a steep little roof should shed runoff quickly, although it does look like they overlapped the cap shingles the wrong direction if that cricket ridge slopes down toward the main roof.

I wondered the same thing, but I doubt the cricket ridge is sloping toward the main roof. And, what’s up that 3-tab installation pattern?

A year or so after I became a carpenter I built one so that the ridge sloped down to match the slope of the main roof. I thought it looked pretty cool, nice matching wide V shape. #-o :|.)

The 3-tab pattern doesn’t look right, but it’s such a small roof it doesn’t seem like you could mess up the field shinlges badly enough to make water pour in.

:shock:Yes Indeed they did we get horizontal rain

The cat is lucky it was not “a hot tin roof”. :wink:

Good thing that you found it. The roof in my office at Toronto had a similar issue but the inspection officer had failed to spot it. The problem then grew and finally we had to call Empire Roofing Corporation to fix the problem. The problem had worsened by then and we had to change a part of the roofing.