Looks like a painted Transite duct vent running thru the Bedroom closet

What would a responsible Nachi Home Inspector recommend.
The House was built in 1945. Pretty good shape.

1). Do I recommend testing for Asbestos? If the test is positive
recommend removal? Since it is in the interior.

2). Not to worry since its painted? Doesn’t look friable.

3). Please help me with the proper write up.





Let them know it may contain asbestos and if client feels it deemed necessary they can have it tested.

Also note this type of pipe is known to crack.

I would think having it enclosed instead of removal would be an option.

Since it is outdated I recommend it be removed. This pipe may contain asbestos so it should be removed using proper precautions.
Don’t waste money on testing it.

Removing it will disturb it and possibly cause exposure to deadly asbestos fibers and contaminate the entire home. Protecting (enclose/encapsulate) it from damage would be the most economical solution. Removal could cost thousand$$$$$

Agree, it is no big deal .
Leave it alone.
Remind the client it could be cement asbestos.
I put in miles of it 50 + years and we had too turn a taper on the end by hand .
Go home at night covered in dust .

What ever you say!
I did not say you need to call in Asbestos removal company.
If you do call them then yes it would be 1000’s of dollars.
So would the complete demolition of the old home.
Removal of a transite pipe is not necessary to call Asbestos Removal or testing.
If the vent is damaged inside then contamination has already happened whether you paint it or not.
Now to be sure after you can test the air for asbestos!

So you’re suggesting the homeowner do the removal himself?
It’s in good condition, just protect it from damage. Why remove it???

It is not our call if they want it removed or not. If we tell them to leave it alone and by chance there is damage inside. Say good by to your business.

And if* you* tell them they can remove it themselves, since it costs too much to have it done professionally, say good-bye to your business. With all the expert advice you have given here and other message boards, I’m surprised you aren’t in the poor house MR. CMI.

Not true Linas. You have stated in the report that it can contain Asbestos. You don’t tell the client to remove it but you also don’t say it is OK because it has been painted or encapsulated.
Like Bob over and out.

Yes, it’s a Transite vent pipe, which does contain asbestos - no need to test it. The asbestos in these pipes is not friable and does not present a hazard unless it is disturbed/modified.

It is likely being used for a floor furnace. If the floor furnace is still in use, the vent pipe should be replaced with a modern steel B-vent. If the floor furnace is no longer in use, the vent pipe should be left alone.

I have an abatement contractor who removes and disposes of these for about $350, for up to 10 feet of pipe. Send me a PM if you want his contact info. I’m not sure he’ll travel to your area, but he may have a referral.

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Not all transite contains asbestos but if the home is as it says 1950’s then I agree.

Regina water safe despite asbestos cement pipes

**CBC News **

**Posted: Jun 7, 2012 10:22 PM CST **

**Last Updated: Jun 8, 2012 1:17 PM CST **

Read 19 comments19](http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/story/2012/06/07/sk-asbestos-water-regina-120607.html#socialcomments)
The city of Regina says its drinking water is safe, even though the pipes which carry the water contain asbestos.

The pipes use a material called asbestos cement.
The city noted that the water is not tested for asbestos levels on a regular basis because asbestos is not considered a health concern if it is present in drinking water.
The city also said it will spend $2 million on relining pipes, as a measure to ensure asbestos does not get into the water supply.


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Gosh we all know about friable and non friable by now so what is the controversy here?

Assume it is asbestos and keep it from becoming friable.That stuff in the picture looks great so just protect it and if you decide to remove it have it tested first.
Pretty simple.

Someone here thinks the house would need demolition?

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