Looks like Bill no. 165 will die .

On Monday, Feb. 22, MPP Han Dong, Liberal member for Trinity-Spadia, introduced Bill 165, a private member’s bill to license home inspectors in Ontario. (www.ontla.on.ca, click Bills and Legislation, then click box No. 165). He is to be congratulated for his efforts here and I have researched that he spoke to two of the three major Ontario home inspection associations in his preparation. He wisely kept them out of his bill submission.

Do not be surprised to see this private members bill die .

Information I have received say it looks like there is very little chance of it passing.

Good news piece but I believe it is dated!

From whom might we ask?

Good luck getting a straight answer.

This was posted by Cam Allen in the Whig in March before the second reading. It’s still in committee stage. We will notify everyone when the committee hearing is called. Otherwise nothing has changed

My info was given to me on June 22 is from a very reliable person in politicks

My information came from 3 sources. 1 from Staff at the MGCS 1 from the NDP and 1 from the Libs. I guess we’ll have to wait and see

Yes, but are they reliable in “politicks”?

Bollicks! I didn’t have a typo did I?

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Len & Pat, you are soooooooo funny, and a little humour never hurts!!!


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