Looks like Election Coming in Ontario

All home Inspectors need a voice in the future of our industry.
If you do not active in your local Provincial party ,Now is a good time to get started .
.You have a better time of letting your local; MPP what is needed if he knows you are on his side .
I expect Ontario will have an election very soon so get involved somehow ,even if it is just joining a party and offering your support .
If you do nothing please do not complain about what we get.

My MPP has control over the Real Estate Agents as several in his family are Agents. I have done Inspections for them and they are all nice but I now that he is the one that helped stick Mike Holmes into the lime light here in SSM On. Since at one time he was thinking before he acts now it is not the case.
He has done allot of good but not for Home Inspection that is for sure.