Looks like I'll have a warranty to cover Move In Certified homes soon.

I think I’m ahold of a monster here fellas :shock: :smiley: .

The two go hand-in-hand.

I offer a free www.ahomewarranty.com with any listing inspection, so I’m looking fwd to what you come up with, Boss!

I love monster stories.

Be careful what you wish for. I receive a phone call two days ago from an inspection client 95 days ago. She states the disposal isn’t working. She’s called American Home Shield who’s technician denies her claim. He states there is so much rust, the unit couldn’t have possibly worked when I did the inspection.

Now, I don’t have to explain how ridiculous that is to her, she knows he’s full of crap. She further states the tech wants $275 for 1/2 hp. disposal. That’s about $100 to much I tell her. I spoke with her yesterday, she paid another plumber $195 for a new disposal and is going to take AHS to small claims court.

This is a monthly scenario for me regarding home protection plans. They’re total and complete garbage. Don’t depend on them Russ, you’ll get bit in the rear end.

Home warranty companies will always find a way “not to pay”

Well, the proof is in the pudding…

Consumer complaints on AHS



Maybe we need to start our own warranty service for NACHI members :wink: .

Home warranties are so unreliable that I actually caution my clients about them and their representatives in writing.

:smiley: Oooh!!! :smiley: I think I like what I’m hearing!

This is what prints automatically in the “Conclusion” of everyone of my reports:
If you have been provided with a home protection policy, read it carefully.Whereas I will not say that such policies are without value I will say that experience has taught me to have little faith in them. Furthermore, the representatives of some insurance companies can be expected to charge you for a service call and then not only find some reason to deny coverage on the grounds that a given condition was “pre-existing” or not covered because of an alleged “code violation” (although they rarely tell you which code or when it was enacted). To make matters worse, they commonly use inflamatory language designed to alarm you and/or blame others, and then charge you for the repairs or improvements. Therefore, please read such policies very carefully, and depend on my company for any assistance and cosultation that you may need.
Feel free to use any part of this.

This is a great work!

Warranty cover Canadian inspections?

I think the monster is Nick, he’s growing into a highly intelligent machine beyond this planet.

Nick, is there anyway of cloning you for each chapter? The possibilities are endless.

Can we start using the moveincertified logo and marketing materials?

Just did a pre-listing inspection, need to move on this. Realtor likes it alot.

I bet BRINKS would jump in and help you Nick… know what I mean?

You could offer more time of coverage for the same price as the competition and blow
everyone out of the water. This would help sellers and Realtors embrace MoveInCertified.com
like a dream from heaven.

A Warranty is a great idea. If not NACHI, someone will offer it.

You could market the warranty to everyone and provide NACHI members with a discount
(more NACHI benefits and yet a broader market).