Looks like Ontario is next!

That article is straight out of the Capri play book.
InterNACHI chapter presidents should call the government phone Numbers and make sure you are included in all future discussions.
Good Luck.



Mike Holmes says this will be good for homebuyers

Monday, October 01, 2012 by: SooToday.com Staff Mandatory minimum qualifications for home inspectors in Ontario appear to be on the way.
This fall the province will be working with home inspector associations, consumers, the real estate sector and other industry stakeholders to formulate standards.

As things stand now, anyone can offer home inspection services.
But only registered members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors can call themselves a registered home inspector.
Other CAHPI associations can also use Registered Home Inspector
Establishing minimum qualifications will increase transparency, set a minimum standard of training, improve consistency in home inspections and protect consumers, according to a government news release.

"This has been a long time coming " says Mike Holmes, host of Holmes on Homes. “B.C. and Alberta are already on it. Now it’s Ontario’s turn. And I want to see the rest of Canada get behind this and push for higher standards. Homeowners should get what they pay for – a home inspection that protects their investment.”
Home inspection costs in Ontario range from $350 to $600.
Locally, Sault College offers a two-year home inspection program.

What is the Capri playbook? I am the Communications Director for the Minister and I want to make sure that everyone is consulted in this review.

[FONT=Times New Roman][size=3] Thanks Brian for visiting us . I am glad to see the Government now getting interested. This industry has needed improvements big time for many years.
Too many groups and people who feel they are smarter and should be the ones who have control .
Retired Electrictian ,Retired Home Inspector .
Having been a member of four different Ontarion Home Inspector associations,
Big improvements are needed.

I wouldn’t expect anything more than “discussion” for a while. I did receive a phone call recently from someone at the Provincial Government who was compiling a list of ALL HI associations. At least it sounds like they will do their homework first before anything is actually mandated.

Does anyone know what Association(s) Mike Holmes belongs to ?

NONE …I also think he does not have a trade.

I am having a fun time explaining the difference between RHI’s and CMI’s but since the paper has helped out pointing to Edmonton VIA Mike the Hammer Holmes all I need to do is give them the low down from the paper.
His quote "B.C. and Alberta are already on it. Now it’s Ontario’s turn.
I would like to thank him personally for the extra time spent explaining why the 2 Year course does not qualify the Technician’s to do Home Inspections and tell my Clients that he does not belong to any association of Home Inspectors in Ontario and is not a RHI or CMI.:shock:

I think all associations lack the ability or rules to be able to control our industry .

**Ontario tightens home inspector qualifications **

Minister of Consumer Services Margaret Best. (KEVIN CONNOR/Toronto Sun)
Ontario home inspectors will now have to have minimum qualifications to work in the trade starting this fall.
Currently, anyone can offer home inspections services in Ontario, but only members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors are registered home inspectors.
The province will now work with the home inspection industry to establish minimum qualifications that would increase transparency, establish a minimum level of training, improve consistency in home inspections and enhance consumer protection.
Further education will protect Ontario families with a safe marketplace, said Margaret Best, Minister of Consumer Services.
“When you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home for you and your family, you want to know you’ve made a sound decision guided by a qualified and reliable home inspector,” Best said on Monday.
“Today’s announcement is one of several we plan this fall to give Ontario consumers stronger rights and more choices.”
A home inspection reports on the condition of the house’s roof, foundation, structure, drainage, plumbing, doors, electrical system and heating and cooling.

[li]Letters to the editor[/li][li]** [/li][li] [/li][li]GreatDebate [/li][li]Far too many of these “inspectors” are on the take. It’s good to hear they are making a move in the right direction.[/li]
Ray **[/li]
What evidence do you have to suggest inspectors are on the take? Far to easy to make unsubstantiated comments.

[li]**John Keen **[/li]
Insurance corruption. Why hasn’t the government licensed auto insurance appraisers?
Insurance companies are fond of taking kickbacks from there preferred body shops too.

[li]**Paper_girl **[/li]
It’s about time but I wonder if this is the start of many Liberal announcements that are supposed to indicate the government is taking action. Is this the way they are going to try to distract us from the financial scandals they are responsible for? Does this mean that holding the government to account for Ornge, ehealth, etc. shouldn’t matter anymore?

[li]**Li **[/li]
One would have thought, that ‘inspectors’ would have been required to BE licensed/registered.
Somewhat BEHIND , as usual aren’t they?

[li]**mike ditto **[/li]
never assume, lots of people working out there in the trades who don’t hold a license or hold one type of license and work on everything like hacks.

[li]**BillyShakespeare **[/li]
Agreed 100% Mike. That’s one thing the new College of Trades will be trying to regulate.

[li]**Ray **[/li]
Even with a trade certificate there are plenty of screw ups. Go into a brand new house and see the work done by so called licenced trades.

[li]**Hurley22 **[/li]
One episode of Holmes on Homes shows how incompetent these people are today!!

[li]**Ray **[/li]
Okay so Mr. Holmes has no trade certificates, doesn’t belong to any home inspection associations, is not trained in IR photography, or abestos testing or mould remediation, tears out walls and does things that an actual inspector cannot do because the inspector inspecting on behalf of the buyer doesn’t even own the house!
Mr. Holmes even subcontracts his inspectors who split the fee with Holmes and those inspectors don’t rip out walls or anything close to what you see on Holmes inspections.

[li]**Becham **[/li]
So now you’ll need at least a grade 7 education to qualify for this job…

[li]**Ray **[/li]
Grade 7 education for a home inspector, get real, many are trade experienced, engineers, architects, or college educated. Get real if you want your posts to be taken with some authority.



Personally I think its a good idea for uniform standards to be implemented with few caveats:

  1. You should not have to belong to any particular agency or association in order to qualify for an approved credential (RHI, CMI or similar) status. I find OAHI to be overpriced, offer no benefit and is relatively unknown to the public at large. Forcing me to join would be akin to them running a monopoly on the industry. The other canadian groups seem to be in a constant state of disarray and I can’t keep track of who is running what

  2. They should stop talking to mike holmes–he’s a TV personality for pity’s sake. He has no credentials and his inspection show has no basis in reality as to what a real inspection is, i.e. visual, non-destructive. He also comes into the inspection knowing every defect! Imagine that! We might as well ask brad pitt about veteran affairs since he played a soldier in a movie once…

Having been in this industry since 1999 And associated with it since the 80s via my son .
Having been on various committees and attending more mettings then most Inspectors .
I just might have some knowledge of the industry.
I do hope Out Ontario Government comunicates with some of the rank and file experienced older home inspectors most who have no axe to grind and can give an open unbiased openion.
Sorry but I do not feel the newer Homie has this knowledge.
I also feel many who want control should be ignored completly.
I do hope Our Government lets a few CAs talk and get figures to see what is the best For the Future of this industry .

The last thing we need is OAHI or Nachi or NHICC bending more ears with
more Biased information
These bureaucrats only scratch the surface it appears. We don’t need
licencing like that of Alberta which places too many restrictions on
inspectors such as not permitting inspectors to quote rough estimates.

The other issue that should be strived for is limited liability by
capping liability to $500K for instance.

I think all associations lack the ability or rules to be able to control our industry .

Minister of Consumer Affairs Margaret Best says “Currently, anyone can offer home inspections services in Ontario, but only members of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors are registered home inspectors.”
Is she trying to say that only those members are qualified to do Home Inspections. Seems that she and her staff have a long learning curve ahead.
If they truly want to protect the consumer then they need to take a look at the entire real estate buying process from the placement of a home on the market to the closing. Determine where the liabilities are, where the consumer is vulnerable, where the miss information is and then determine what is the best way to protect the consumer.
Just my thoughts

Great post Douglas I agree and I think the Real estate should have zero influence on the rules ,the choosing, or the home Inspection industry in any way shape or form.

To be effective this government needs to clean up its own act first…biggest bunch of fence sitters ever. Lets react to a TV personality…if I knew thats what it would take I would have got MR. Rogers involved long ago!
We all agree a simple skill set needs to be invoked but by this lame gov’t…I don’t think so! I think most are in agreement that the CCHI is the mark we should head for and if the government wants to help that’s great but if they try to invoke it will be bad for consumers as the price will rise dramatically due to the cost of doing business.
We are all prepared to listen but please don’t put ohia or cahpi at the top of the list because we all know they have an in with the CMHC and we had to force the CMHC to drop their pushing of cahpi on their site as it was predjudicial as is the news article…JMO

Just like in Alberta??:p:p:shock::roll: Between Caphi and the Real Estate agents we did’nt have a chance. Vern had to bully his way in to the talks!!

Realtors have way to much power with this government! I agree Greg as far as cahpi goes…the government can have the bunch of self rightous pieces of work. They down play every association because they think they have the government behind them …so maybe we should all start letting our MPP’s know the real score …we have been too passive as Canadians tend to be!
Show up in Toronto and let us hear what Nick has to say…let him see the faces to the names he sees here!

Got my ticket, looking forward to meeting everyone

I also agree and have mentioned this to the Ministry of Consumer Services.
I will work with them if they desire to set some kind of minimum to truly be called a CCHI of Ontario.