Loose Receptacles

When you report on loose recepts, (you know, when they are loose in the wall from normal use not falling out) does this comment go to the summary as something that should be repaired or just an FYI?



I report they need to be repaired (tightened) and that automatically goes into the summary.

The fact the receptacle is loose can cause the wires to become loose or come apart, especially the ones which are wired (back-stabbed) fashion.

Are you referring to the receptacle itself being loose or the tension on the blades and ground pin?

Do you report maintenance issues in your report summary?

Such as:
clogged furnace filters
rain gutters with debris
non working lights
foundation plantings to overgrown
paint defects

I know some of these are rather subjective.
I generally report on defects that materially affect the value of the property in addition to any safety related issues.
These become part of the report summary.

Others may hold differing opinions on this.:wink:

I do the same, I’m not sure if Shane is talking about blades shot or not, but I recommend they replace them.

I was not referring to the blades being. That I feel should just be replaced. I meant just plain loose in the wall.

What I am getting towards here is, I am using Homeguage, and a lot of my summaries are 4+ pages. When you read them, they seam small. Clogged furnace filters, loose recepts, loose countertops, whatever.

Just wanted to see what you all put in the summary, so I started here.

But Dale, you answered my ? Thanks

I definitely report clogged furnace filters in the body of the report and the summary. A FAU will draw in dirty air from any crack or leaky joint(s). If you have AC as part of your FAU, the dust will coat the evaporator coil and reduce its efficiency enough to make the overall system work harder. The end result is reduced lifetime for the compressor and coil.

Clogged gutters that can’t drain water are just asking for problems with open rafter tail rot. I see it all the time. We don’t have a real winter here in California, just a lot of rain.


Dale, so do I. They are in the main body of the report as “in need of maintenance”.

are these dangerous

How does one maintain a clogged filter? Don’t say replace it.:wink:

I put it in the summary as a clogged filter is putting undue strain on the system.

I have a blanket statement about replacing filters in the report.:slight_smile:

Now your just being picky:shock:

BTW have your seen the washable type?


Sorry to hear you are shocked Michael. We are required by the State to report on the condition of the filter here in all of our reports. (items 62 & 68]
So when I find dirty filters I call them out.

Ask some of the HVAC guys here what happens to the efficiency HVAC systems with dirty filters?:wink:

As I do, just not in the summary. It is not a material defect as defined by WI state law.:slight_smile:

I don’t think what State you are from makes to much difference to me.

Loose receptacles or wore out blade slots, are all a hazard in my book for a family occupied home.
They go in the summary report as a safety hazard and is usually hi-lighted so it can’t be missed while reading the report.

As far a a clogged air filter, if it is clogged, unmaintained, or unwashed as one would say, it is impairing with the proper function of the heating or cooling unit.
I write it up as such.

You can relate a filter to the one on your car, if it is so dirty, your car will not function.

Reminds me of a joke where the brain said to the rest of the Body, he was the Boss. The anatomy part of the body that filters, said he was. The Brain kept insisting he was the Boss so the other anatomy part said OK, and stopped functioning. After two days went by, the Brain was so messed up that no straight thinking would work, and gave up. He said OK, your the Boss. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Sorry I do call the filters out it is effecting the heating system and I also call out Humidifiers ( recommend removal) as these to me are a great breeding place for many things. ( look inside a few and WOW!)
Plugs defiantly need Repair or replacing
Roy Cooke

On a loose receptacle in the wall…I usually just take 20 seconds to tighten it up. Easier and faster than noting it and entering it into the report.

With 40 years in Residential and Commercial Building, I do not think that it would be a problem with me doing just that, BUT, does the SOP that you learned promote the such??

JMHO Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Sounds so simple till you start and think about this where does it end .
Oh! shucks the toilet is loose and I am here with my pliers and I tighten it an it is great .
Now this afternoon and I see the same thing and do it again except now I have broke the Toilet.

This also come down to another discusion that has been going on about moving things and how we all should do it .
Well there is that small china cabinet that I move to check a plug and then I put it back .
Tomorrow the home owner calls and says I have a broken Royal Dalton doll in my China cabnet and I see by the marks on the rug it has been moved .
This doll is worth $850:00 .

I must say those old timer Home Inspectors who drew up the SOP might just have known what they where talking about when they wrote the SOP.
Its there to try and protect us all from our selves some times .
If I did not break it I do not try and fix it .
Roy Cooke

Roy; As usual, you took the words right out of my mouth. ha. Amazing!

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

No Marcel you plant the seed and I just nurturer it we work great to gether
Roy Cooke