Looted house

If you inspect a bank owned property where AC, service panel, water heater etc have been ripped out by disgruntled renters/looters is this still worth inspecting for the bank? Should the inspector stop the inspection if these conditions are found?

Inspect what you can. Report what you see. The “bank” or person in charge at the bank could be 1,000 miles away and needs the information so they can decide how to get rid of the property and what expenses they might incur.

Stephen is correct.

If you are feeling guilty about charging the bank too much (hahahaha) you could always invoice them for less.

Roof not inspected as roof was missing etc. etc…

This is one reason why in commercial we refer to them as PCA’s = Property Condition Assessments. We are there to assess and report the properties condition, period.

When I worked for a bank, the whole point of sending someone out was to find out what the heck was going on (granted, I didn’t work on bank owned properties, but I did work on loans with problems).

One time payments on a recent loan had stopped after a storm. I ordered a drive by. I got back a picture of a house with a huge crater were the the roof used to be. That completely changed how we approached the next step.