Lopsided service

Two services located side by side. One has three hot wires and a neutral, the other one hot wire and a neutral. This doesn’t make any sense to me. One is grounded, the other is not.

Any ideas?

Is it 3 phase in and running 120 volts out to a remote dist. panel elsewhere?

Looks like 3 phase service to one meter and single phase 120 to the other.

The rest of the house was behind a wall, I didn’t inspect it, I was just out walking around trying to get photos for the courses, so… I don’t know. All residential in this area.

                 *"Although both services have a neutral, the service on the left (#1) has only one energised conductor, providing only 120 volts to that home. The service on the right (#2) has three energised conductors, each providing 110 volts to the home. This indicates that the home on the right has 3-phase power. 3-phase power is required to operate heavy duty electrical equipment, such as large air compressors or welders that consume larger amounts of electricity than can be supplied by a typical 120- or 240-volt service." *

Are those plumbing elbows on the bottom of the raceway?