Lorena Bobbit is Now Cutting....

…deals, as a member of the National Association of Realtors.](http://www.bloodhoundrealty.com/BloodhoundBlog/?p=13318)

Perhaps they could use a “Certified Master Real Estate Agent” designation.

Be careful before you get romantically involved with an Agent from now on.Ouch

Didn’t have time to read through the entire article… Did she offer any tips? :-k :stuck_out_tongue:

In bits and pieces.

I lived in Manassas Virginia at that time. I got caught on Centerville Road on my way to work early in the AM. The Local Leos had the road shut down as they searched for her husband’s schlong, which she threw out the window, while making her escape. The national media descended on Manassas Park and tried to portray all the residents as red necked freaks. Of course they were, but nonetheless…

Most real estate agents are getting 7% commissions, but I’ll bet that she is getting a bigger cut.