Losing power in garage and living room

A past Client called and said that when he has the television and lights on in the living room, he loses power in the garage and living room when he turns he flips the switch to go into the laundry room. He has to go to panel where it is tripped and reset. Asked if I had any idea what would cause that. I thought I would ask for direction before I offer any suggestions. The house is less than 5 years old. I went back to the report and found nothing in the panel. Can anyone see anything or have suggestions?

Sounds like an overload .
I wonder is there an electric heater plugged in some where ??

Probably watching the Kardashians on the TV and its definitely overloading. Have him watch TLC and see if it happens. Just suggesting…

Had a client call with a similar issue. It turned out to be the fancy electric fireplace they brought into the home and plugged into the same circuit as the TV, DVR, and floor lamp. Moved to another circuit and everything was fine.

Roy I do appreciate all the information you provide. I just spoke to an Electrician who is going to look at it and said he’s pretty sure that there’s an open neutral that could have been done by jostling a receptacle. Will find out here soon. Thanks again Roy.

Stephen I asked about anything that may be plugged in that’s pulling too much power and all he has hooked up so far is his internet equipment. Just moved into the home and the house is fairly new.

An open neutral will not cause a breaker to trip.

Don’t forget to remind them that the circuit in that room may very well power other rooms as well.

This is all out of scope of home inspector, an electrician should be used period.
I happen to be an industrial electrician, and had a guy I work with in manufacturing ask me one night about a breaker that keeps tripping, I said leave it off, quit resetting it for Pete’s sake, and I’ll come over in the morning with meters and find if its tripping for the right reason, and help you figure it out. 2 hours later he got a call at work from his wife that the house was burning to the ground. The breaker was trying to do its job alright, they just wouldn’t let it. Investigation determined that a poor connection in metal junction box in attic was arc faulting to the grounded enclosure (this was way before AFCI’s), and probably smoldered for quite some time before finally igniting into flame.

The moral is, if a breaker trips more than once for reasons unknown, leave it off and call electrician.

Great reminder Christopher … Thanks … Roy

Heck, this morning the breaker tripped while I was ironing in the bedroom and my wife was drying her hair in the bathroom…again.

The moral of the story is to let her iron your pants after she finishes drying her hair! ;-):mrgreen:

That sounds like a plan!

OP, what are you “looking at” in the electrical system?

Can you see electricity? How did you learn to do that? I could throw away all my meters quit having to change batteries in them all the time…

Possibly arc fault breaker nuisance trip, especially if he has those POS CFLs installed.

If he does use CFLs, tell him to install LEDs and see what happens.