Lost items

I’m just curious, what’s the most expensive thing you’ve lost or forgotten at a Home Inspection? I came home once and couldn’t find my $130 flashlight. I still don’t know where it ended up since it’s always hanging off my belt.

1.Lost one Flashlights lol 118.00 each I have no idea were it went
2.One drill 99.00 Couldn’t find it funny how thing get legs and walk away from the panel
3.One thermal thermometer 230.00 ( went back but it was gone left it on the kitchen counter)
4. One cell phone in the insulation somewhere.
5. Chewing gum in the chicken coop . (Dropped it and it was to hard to see to recover.)

I don’t think I’d look too hard for the chewing gum. ;-):wink:

But it was hardly used lolol

I left my coat once. It was a little brisk at the beggining of the inspection and warm by the time it ended. Lucky for my it had my company name and number on it. Home owners called, and I got an inspection from them two weeks later.

Left behind moisture meters on two occasions. After the second I bought a Pelican case with cut-outs for my most expenseive tools. Now with a quick glance, I can tell if I’m missing something.

I was about to leave for an inspection after being on vacation for a week and could not find my IR camera. I have a place to hide it while gone but it was not there. I panicked and assumed I had left it at the last house I inspected. Long story made short, it was not there and I was driving down the road later that day thinking I’ll just order another one when I get home and I suddenly remembered where I had stashed it! Whew!

I still lift the case cover and peek at it often when driving as if its some sort of creature that can get away.

Thanks for this one, now that i’ll tell you i lost a flashlight (just last friday) it wasnt too expensive, I havent lost anything too expensive. I will surely lose something expensive now.:frowning:

i had to go back for my 24’ ladder once. I’ve lost 2 flashlights, 3 GFCI circuit testers, and sweat shirt. I wear a tool belt now and everything has its place. Its much harder to lose things

I left my cheap flashlight in an attic once. I remembered the next day, but it wasn’t worth going back for. I would have had it been my expensive one. I almost left my moisture meter today, but saw the empty spot for it and got it. That was close.

$60.00 flash light, $40.00 power screwdriver and some other things ,moisture meeter, temp prob.

I left a $200 ladder in a “bad” neighborhood, leaning against the side of the house. I got distracted when leaving I guess. I had the termite inspector that I was using at the time swing by there and pick it up the next day (he was in the area). It was still there.
I wrote a hot check for that ladder on the way to my first inspection more than a decade ago. I had to hurry and deposit the money into my business account after the inspection to cover it, lol. I was sad to think it might be lost. Me and that ladder have seen a lot.
I still have it in my car right now.

Then you have the case of a $100 ladder (smaller version of the other one) being stolen out of the bed of my truck in a “good” neighborhood, while I was inside a building. Not really lost, but lost to me.

I forgot my coat, the one rare day in the year when it was needed in Houston! Never got it back. The buyer’s parents said they took it back home with them but couldn’t remember where they stashed it.

Last week I left my GE Survey Master moisture meter some where. I had multiple inspections and could not remember. That’s a $500 F…up. This morning got a call from the home owner that I left the meter under the basement wet bar sink. What a stroke of luck and honest home owner. Lesson, I need to take inventory of my stuff at end of inspection. Note if it was not for an honest person the meter would been history. But I have to give credit to the home owner letter I leave behind so they can contact me. This time It was a welcomed phone call.

what no one else loose their gum in the chicken coop? I cant be the only one.lol

Don’t get much opportunity in Houston :wink: But, I promise I’ll let you know as soon as it happens to me :mrgreen:

Lost some in an attic with blown in insulation once, got it back, but I dont think it had as much flavor as you chicken coop piece!