Lots of bottled liquid in crawl space

Anyone got any ideas? The caps were taped closed.

091110 278.JPG 091110 279.JPG

Emergency water supply.

The ultra-sweet Mountain Dew is the preferred drink of most methamphetamine users.


Actually I was thinking chemicals for cooking meth.

My first thought was emergency water supply also kept in a cool dark area to prevent algae growth.

They busted a guy here for recycling human urine for Meth

Possible Meth lab. Suggest having it tested by a qualified meth testing company.
Anyone that has not taken at least a basic Meth Lab Recognition class should. I took one at a Realtors office and it was an eye opener.

I warned a client about one of these in the report a few years back and the agent came unglued. I found containers of liquid in the attic, some had been opened and others, not sure, I did not need to look further. It also had a burn pile in the rear yard that looked to be a one time use to burn something other than yard debris due to the items still present.

They had the local police come out and they did zero testing according to my client. She said they looked at the lablels on the containers and laughed it off as knowing what it was without even testing.

I think the meth training needs to be given to the police or if already done they need training on how to use their previous training.

After the agent showed her stupidity and lack of concern for anything other than her commission, I decided to google the address just to see what might show up. The first result on google was a news story about how the owner had been sentenced to many years in prison for dealing in meth. It seems they caught her on the way back home with a large purchase of meth so she may not have had a lab at this house but basic clues were present.

I never did talk with the police about their reported incompetence because they deserve to be sued in the future.

The buyer was even an idiot, she got mad because I reported a bad gas furnace that the bank made her repair before she could even buy the house.
Also she got mad over the 2500 pounds of stone that had been stuck to her den wall around the fireplace without any support under it that I correctly reported as a structural concern. The house is probably failing as I type this.
The bank was too stupid to notice that in the report.

Waiting for the end of the world on dec, 23, 2012. I guess they want to take the water with them LOL.

i thought i saw everything!