Lots of things happening at NJNACHI right now.


Our Charter requires election of officers in January 2008, and this has been announced at both November meetings. We are soliciting nominations for officers. Details of the nomination process and election are posted in the Forum section of our web site at www.njnachi.com](http://www.nachi.org/forum/) please take a look, and nominate the officer of your choice.

Membership Renewal

Memberships are up for renewal in January 2008 as well and applications will be mailed to current members in the immediate future. If you are not a member and wish an application please replay to this email with your request and I will send you an application. Dues remain the same in 2008 as they were in 2007 and also in 2006. Talk about inflation fighters! I still have my Whip Inflation Now (WIN) button - a joke for the older inspectors out there.


In an effort to provide relevant and interesting education for our members, we solicited requests at our last two meetings for topics you would like to see, the results are posted in our forum on the website - take a look, if you want something not covered - please add it to the list or email me.

Marketing appeared in several forms, and is a hot topic, as are some other business topics - the drawback is that they will not get education credits from the Advisory Committee. Perhaps an hour of these topics with an hour of normal education, or we can do 2 hours of business topics - let us know what you think!

Triple Play

Of course next week is Triple Play, the Tri-State realtors convention. Again info is posted on the web site, and an email went out a few days ago - if you are interested in attending let me know. It is the second largest realtors convention in the united states.


Our next meeting will be December 11 in Medford with a presentation on EIFS and the Home Inspector, and by popular demand - we will be having a meeting December 27 in Bloomfield

Watch the website for developments and we will keep you posted.

Edgar Woodson