Lots of work in Calgary

I talked to an agent at a buck and doe last Sat. and he asked me how long it takes here to get a inspection, when I asked why he told me that in Calgary they have to wait 10 weeks :shock: . A fixer upper home was listed at $235,000 and he got out of the bidding war it sold for something like $440,000. I know around here that the clients would not wait 10 days let alone 10 weeks. You HI’s in Calgary must be very busy??? Yes / No </IMG>

So strange and just up the road at Edmonton the HIs are very slow.
I wonder why .
Roy Cooke sr

Any one from Calgary?? Hard to believe that the clients would wait for a home inspection in such a hot market?

Business in Edmonton is slow. I’m down about 30 % from last year at this time. Whoever you were talking to is full of it. More like 10 weeks to find a tradesman to do repairs. I can book inspection within 24 hours.

Vern, that is what I fiqured too, if sales are fast and furious the home inspections go to the way of just scratch that off or you will not get the house!!!:roll: </IMG>

Hi All,
Just had to respond as I WAS a home inspector in Calgary. Right now I’m doing maintenance work for an appartment complex.
The market has slowed down for now in Calgary but, still home inspections are down drastically. I had worked with an inspection company that could only assure me that there would be some inspections over a pay period and I could not support myself on what was offered. Even now with a slower market, inspections are secondary to conditions of sale.
From June 2005 to Feb.2006, I had done 300 plus inspections and saved many clients dollars and future problems. From that date to now my inspections were less then 20.
I’m not even sure how the company I was working with is doing. I’ve heard nothing from them.
Where do I want to be? Back doing inspections and helping first time buyers and others see what their getting but alas, I feel I won’t be able to as such due to the way things are at the moment.
As I said, the market has slowed down but I fear that it will go crazy again as the school term starts and houses are less available due to people not selling for the sake of kids going back to school. Hope my assumption is wrong.
Anyone looking for a good inspector in the Calgary area can give me a call and I’ll give 110% with my training, experience and Nachi ethics.
At the moment, I can’t even afford to pay for my Nachi fees without huting my family which hurts me in not being able to get the good knowledge I’ve recieved over the past year.
Vern that is one of the reasons I could not attend the meetings you proposed NOT because of lack of support. Hope you understand.
Hope I can maintain contact with this group for a while yet. Have learned lots.


How much marketing have and are you doing??

You ask about marketing.
Those bone heads in Montreal that took over the yellow pages last year made a complete mess out of it. I have Adverts in the St Albert, Sherwood Park and Edmonton yellow pages. They were supposed to deliver the Edmonton copy by the end of March. They took until the end of April. They did not know that St Albert and Sherwood are separate communities. St Albert is a city and Sherwood Park although not incorporated as a city is as big as St Albert. They delivered the Edmonton copy to both these communities and did not deliver at all in the neighbourhood I live in, in the city of Edmonton. At last report 25% of Edmonton has still not got the 2006 edition. When I complained they gave me a credit of one months cost for the Edmonton advert. This credit was supposed to be on the July bill. It was not and they now have promised to provide a credit for August bill.
25% of my main market did not get this year’s advert and the Sherwood Park and St Albert market is doubled up.
If I renew my Adverts in the yellow pages they will be substantially reduced.
Fortunately there is a new phone book company in town and I have already contracted for an advert with them. This new company publishes one book for Edmonton and all surround areas.
Nick has promised to pay half the cost of a NACHI advert that has members listed in the advert. This ad would cost as little as 10.00 per month if ten or more sign on.
Allen maybe you should check this out for the Calgary area.
This advert would promote NACHI AND OUR MEMBERS.

Sorry for runnig on but I’m P’O’d. :twisted: :twisted:

So is this all you did for marketing??

No not all.
The above is just my experience with the Yellow pages.